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Apprentice Training

If you love art and dream of becoming a tattoo artist, learn tattoo skills, and make it your career, come to join our tattoo course.

We are Modo Ink Tattoo, with new tattoo class semesters starting in 2024.

"Where Words Fail, Ink Speaks."

Class Lecture 
Student Outcome 



The class spans three months, with in-person lectures held every Tuesday at 12 PM. Each session is followed by a week of homework to be practiced either at home or in the studio. The course aims to cover all the fundamental tattooing skills within this three-month period. Practical sessions on real skin will commence in the third month.


We provide students with clear and constructive guidance to ensure they understand the processes, the reasoning behind specific tattooing techniques, and most critically, how to practice correctly to refine their skills continuously until mastery is achieved. Fundamental skills, including lining, shading, and coloring, are meticulously deconstructed into manageable segments.


Mornings are dedicated to theoretical instruction and demonstrations of proper practice methods. In the afternoons, our instructors supervises the students' practice sessions, offering personalized feedback to help them develop correct muscle memory and effective habits.


Our instructors have over ten years of teaching experience to help you achieve your goals. Plus the social media and business marketing strategies will benefit your artist journey.

Work Gallery

Beyond Words, Within Lines

Our next class will be starting in September 2024

Week 1.

-intro to tattoo styles 


-social media 



Use procreate to make your own designs. 


Week 2.

-machines (coil vs. rotary)


-3 types of machine

-Power- wire and wireless. Charge vs plug in

-set up table for practice


-machine angle



Practice lines and fill in with liner


Week 3.

-cartridge needle vs. traditional/hand poke

-needle length

-RL RS needles 

-speed of machine vs speed of hand

-intro to shading/ shading types



shading ball, square, triangle

Week 4

-Black and gray designs with shading

-Magnum- curved 

-Flat needle

-Angle of shading

-Hand and machine speed

-2 types of stencil printers and how to use them



Shade and fill with magnum and practice original designs

Week 5

-Color design

-Color inks and skin color



5 full color design less than 6 inches. No more than 2 main subjects


Week 6

-Homework critique 

-More details about styles 

-How to choose different machines or different styles

-How to choose different ink for different style

-color mixing



Mix one color to another, then one color to nothing. Different shapes

Week 7

-Skin anatomy/type (old, sun exposure, race. ect.)

-skin/ink allergy

-Bloodborn pathogens (learn more during test)

-Fade (white blood cells vs exposure vs aftercare) and blow out

-Going over the same area/ cutting the skin

-Locations of thick and thin skin

Get license online. Make final designs(3 drawings)


Week 8

-Finalize final drawing and fake skin project

Week 9

-Set up table for actual tattoo session

-Chemicals, materials, and brands



Fake skin portfolio


Week 10

-Stencil on people (twisting and stretching parts)

-Tattoo positions



Social media engagement


Week 11

-Social media



Week 12-End of class

Tattoo on person

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In our tattoo apprenticeship program, you’ll master all the essential skills, including lining, shading, color work, and fill-ins. You’ll gain practical experience by working on real skin under the guidance of experienced instructors. Additionally, you’ll learn vital social media strategies and branding techniques to attract clients and build a successful career as a tattoo artist. Join us at Modo Ink Tattoo in Los Angeles and start your journey to becoming a professional tattoo artist.


1730 Sepulveda Blvd #4, Torrance, CA 90501

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